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The success of any business depends on the strength of its partnerships. Creating meaningful relationships,doing business means partnering with clients, family and community.


At Markpro Research Corp we believe that we can empower our affiliates by conducting marketing research and sharing all the marketing secrets and strategies that have made many multi national corporations that started in a a garage or bedroom.  Any  business idea is guaranteed to succeed if you have the right support and an agency that helps you with m market proven technology and tools.


Our Business Partnership Program gives you the opportunity to join an honest and dynamic group of  professionals that don't hesitate to assist you reaching success.

Have a business idea? that is all you need, you can even start your business from your home. All you need is a computer and a phone.

You can start your business today, here are some ideas to help you decide;

  •  Buy products in bulk and sell them online

  • Sell Homemade products

  • Start a dropshipping store

  • Start a print-on-demand-business

  • Offer online services

  • Teach online classes or offer online consulting

  • Productize your service or expertise

  • Grow and audience you can monetize

  • Start your online store

As a Markpro Research Corp Business Partner, you’ll receive constant support and benefits that only through this program you could get:

  • Business strategic plan for the first year.

  • Web site design and business email account registration.

  • Marketing consulting whenever is needed.

  • Target Spanish speaking market as your secondary market.

  • Marketing Research in your market field.

  • Your own virtual business phone system that forwards to your number and smart screen business calls with customized menu greetings in English and Spanish.

  • Digital or social media marketing management.

Business  Partnership Program Plan Rates.

Affiliation fee: $600 

Monthly commission to pay: 10% of  gross income.

Web Site hosting and virtual phone system monthly fee: $60

ready to sign up?   apply here.

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